About me

My name is Chris. I'm a code monkey, board game enthusiast, and Internet Samurai. This is my blog, where I write words, usually about code and technology, but sometimes about other things too.

I am a software developer (4th level technomancer) living in the San Francisco, CA area. My first programming language was PHP, where I cut my teeth and taught myself a lot. These days I specialize in Ruby, particularly building web apps using Rails. I'm teaching myself more Javascript and trying to keep up with the whirlwind that is that community. I believe strongly in the web and in open source culture; I think these two things will be very important in the development of the technologies of the future.

When I'm not taking down bugs with tactical missile strikes on clusters of technical debt, I enjoy playing video games and board games of all kinds. I also dabble in games of the pen and paper variety, where I like to DM.

If you want to shoot me a comment, or just want to chat, please drop me a line on Twitter: @aergonaut